The Importance of Community Involvement for Children

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Community promotes togetherness and helps children to feel connected to the world around them. Luckily for them, there are lots of communities that they are a part of and ways that they can get involved. There’s their school community, neighbourhood, and the clubs that they may be a part of. Aside from the feeling of belonging, community involvement can be enriching for children as it provides them the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. This can help them in building their confidence and give them the opportunity to learn from others. There are many more reasons as to why children should get involved in the community. Here are some that were shared with us by a junior school.


Community involvement also encourages children to think about others and exercise empathy. It can help them in developing generosity and selflessness.


Community involvement can take a range of forms. You can run a fundraiser to raise money for local causes and projects as well as help those that are vulnerable like the elderly. It gives children the opportunity to gain transferable skills that they can apply to the real world. Skills such as problem solving, presentation skills, communication, time management and many more. It’s all work that they can boast about on their CV and use to improve their employability.

School Attainment

Another reason that community involvement is beneficial for children is that they feel cared for and have stronger relationships with those around them. According to research, this helps children to perform better in school as they are more confident, secure within themselves and have necessary support to do well. 


When boredom strikes, the first thing that we do is reach for our devices. Screen time is a serious issue amongst children with the average child spending around 6 hours a day behind a screen. Community involvement gives them something to do without resorting to technology. They will need to think and apply themselves.

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