3 Netflix Treats To Nourish The Soul

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I’ve thought lots of times over the past six months how different things would’ve been if this pandemic had struck 20 years ago. I mean for a start; I would’ve been in my first year at University and livid about how this virus was wrecking my new found freedom. At least unlike the students of today; I wouldn’t have been paying in the region of nine thousand pounds for the pleasure… but that’s another story!

But what if there’d been no social media? No whatsapp for instant contact with friends… no Zoom quizzes and ladies nights? No ‘The Good Thing Is Though’ facebook group to keep me going when I needed it most? Most of all I have wondered how we’d have all coped if there had been no Netflix.

At a time when we feel disconnected from each other (and from reality); lots of us have taken refuge in the escapism provided by TV. Here are my top 3 Netflix suggestions for you to devour this week. Let them take you away from the craziness, make you laugh til you wee a little bit, and give you all the fuzzy feels.

1. Emily in Paris – Streaming on Netflix now.

Created by Sex and the City’s Darren Starr; this is escapist froth at it’s finest. Starring Lily Collins (owner of the most glorious eyebrows on planet Earth); this gorgeous show will have you putting your house on the market and moving to Paris before you can say “J’adore le fashion.” Emily’s instagram account is Carrie’s diary for Generation Z. The sights are dreamy, the men are handsome, the dialogue is witty and the shoes are just… well… let’s just say Carrie would be tres jealous.

2. The Peanut Butter Falcon – Streaming on Netflix now.

This film is a gorgeous gem I wanted to watch again and again. It stars Zack Gottsagen as a man with Down’s Syndrome who runs away from his care home, striking up an unlikely friendship with a low-grade crim played by Shia LaBeouf. Their performances are both pitch perfect and the twist at the end will have your heart in your mouth. A film to make you laugh, cry and think. Particularly pertinent at a time when we are all weighing up what ‘quality of life’ really means to us.

3. Schitt’s Creek – Streaming on Netflix now.

All I will say here is; if you are as late to the party here as I am; it’s not too late! After six series on Netflix; thanks to the lockdown effect; Schitt’s Creek has become an ‘overnight success’, cleaning up big style at the Emmy Awards last month. It’s hard to compare this to any other sitcom you’ll have seen… I’ll just tell you that the Mom from ‘Home Alone’ (KEVIIIIIN!!!) is in it and she will make you laugh til tears stream down your face. You are welcome.

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