5 Brilliant Books To Help Anxious Kids

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Hands up if you haven’t got a clue what’s going on at the moment? Hands up if you feel anxious, fatigued, a bit out of kilter? I’m guessing that’s a full house of hands in the air. And if we grown-ups are struggling; it’s no surprise that our kids might be feeling more emotional.

Lots of parents were surprised in the initial lockdown (which seems simultaneously like it happened six years or six days ago). Children seemed more resilient and adaptable than we had expected they might be. However now they’re back at school; possibly anxious about just how long they’ll get to stay there… after all their friends in class 3 are ‘self isolating’… whatever that means.

There is the incessant hand-sanitising. The mask wearing which makes it harder for little ones to read facial expressions. The new lingo which the adults seem to be discussing all the time.

If you have an anxious child with lots of questions, or just want to open up the conversation around our new way of life; these books will help you talk about the dreaded ‘rona in a language your child will understand.

  1. While We Can’t Hug by Eoin McLaughlin is a beautiful book, ideal for pre-schoolers to seven year olds. It illustrates to children that although we might not be able to be as tactile as we’d like to at the moment; there are still lots of other ways to show you care. I challenge you to read about Hedgehog and Tortoise’s friendship without a lump in your throat!
  2. Coronavirus: A Book For Children About Covid-19 is a fantastic informative read for children of all ages. It’s short, manageable sections are great for helping you answer questions from much-too-inquisitive kids! The calm, factual tone helps dispell any fears, and the fact that it’s illustrated by Axel Scheffler (of Gruffalo fame) gives the book a lovely familiarity.
  3. The Tell Me Tree by Karen Inglis is an invaluable book if your child tends to bottle up feelings or struggles to find the words to describe what is going on in their head. The rhyming style of the story is calming and relaxing and the book includes sections the child can fill out themselves. This book will allow your child to verbalise emotions and find solutions.
  4. Breathe Like A Bear is written by children’s yoga expert Kira Willey. A particularly useful tool for children who are struggling to relax. The book contains 30 short meditation/mindfulness exercises which can be done alone or with an adult, helping little ones to feel calm and in control.
  5. Heroes of Covid-19 is a gentle and sensitive explanation of the pandemic which focuses on the positives. The kindness, generosity and courage of the many characters in the book prove to children that we can all play our part and be a superhero of 2020! It’s beautifully illustrated with a wide range of diverse characters, meaning all children will be able to see themselves in the story. One to empower and to inspire young minds.
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