5 Important Life Skills to Explore with Your Child

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As most of us know, childhood is a pivotal point in life. It shapes children into the people that they become. Teaching them good moral values and life lessons will help them in this transition. The main skills that we believe this should include are problem solving, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and numeracy. 

This post is in collaboration with a prep school in St Albans.

Problem Solving

The reason that this is at the top of the list is because it’s a basic life skill that children need to become independent and overcome their obstacles. There will likely be situations where you’re not there to help or they need to make decisions for themselves. They will need the creativity to come up with logical solutions and the resourcefulness and initiative to implement them.


Communication is a broad skill. It encompasses speaking, listening, and writing. Children need it to work with others and simple things like make sense of instructions and find their way around. A large part of it involves vocabulary. The more words that your child knows, the better they will be at comprehension and communication. There are several ways in which you can help them with this. For one, you can read together. They will pick up new words whilst familiarising themselves with their spellings and understanding the context that they are used in.


Numerical ability is another basic everyday skill as we know. They will not only need it for school but to get around, tell the time and much more.

Critical Thinking

It’s important that they know how to think critically and make the right decisions for themselves. They will all have their pros and cons. They will need to be able to identify these and decipher which is the best.


Compassion is a large part of socialising. We need empathy to read situations and form meaningful relationships with others.

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