5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Mentor

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Mentoring is a phenomenal way to pass skills from one generation to the next and help others kickstart their future. 

Any mentee would vouch for how their mentor transformed their lives for the better and helped them achieve success in their careers. Yet mentoring is not a one-way street. It can be equally beneficial for the mentors.

As a mentor, you can develop and showcase leadership skills, craft connections with people from your industry and help others grow in life. 

Moreover, unlike the common notion, mentoring is not just limited to aged professionals who excel in their fields or have mastered their art. In fact, today, anyone working in any position or job role can become a mentor, and this includes you.

Still not convinced? You will soon be.

In this article, we’re going to outline five reasons why you should become a mentor.

1. Make an Impact on the Next Generation 

Newly graduated students making the transition from being students to working professionals feel lost, confused and in need of guidance. This is your chance to step in and step up. 

As a mentor, you can explain what you went through or give them helpful tips to make their transition smoother. From workplace etiquette and attire to effective communication and soft skills, there is so much that you could teach them.

It is not a one-sided learning experience either. By becoming a mentor, you learn more about your profession and different new challenges in the field. Additionally, you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for topics that are already within your interests.

Your mentee looks to you for guidance. As such, to truly impact them, you need to deepen your learning capabilities and build up your skillset to deliver information effectively.

2. Gain Fresh Ideas and See New Perspectives

Your mentee sees things in a completely different light and has a lot of new things to bring to the table. This allows you to see the world through a fresh set of eyes.

As financially focused, tech-savvy and independent individuals, mentees are knowledgeable and have their own approach to problem-solving. By mentoring them, you get the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and gain valuable insight into generational differences. 

Furthermore, building a strong mentor-mentee relationship helps you collect new skills and accrue knowledge on various unexplored subjects. You can then practically apply what you’ve learned and ensure that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. 

3. Develop and Exercise Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a vital skill to advance your career. Not just with work, it can also help you improve personal relationships.

Being a mentor is not always an easy path, but it is an emotionally enriching experience. Working one-on-one with your mentee allows you to sharpen your emotional intelligence.

As a mentor, you need to be able to gauge your mentee’s emotional state, to guide them effectively. This is where mentoring helps you develop and test your emotional intelligence. 

By accurately processing emotions, you will be able to build a stronger connection with your mentees and provide them with appropriate advice and guidance.

4. Become a Better Leader

In any area of life, be it personal or professional, good leadership is a valuable skill. Mentoring allows you to develop these skills and helps improve your communication.

As a professional in your field, there are many other benefits to be gained through providing mentorship to new hires. Alongside validating your experience in the field, becoming a mentor improves your professional status while also expanding your industry connections.

Many businesses have found mentoring plays an important step in employee development and have begun to implement mentorship programs. Mentorship shows that you’ve got what it takes to guide others and excel in your field. This holds true no matter where you may be.

Are you an HR consultant in Birmingham looking to make a good impression on your clients? Or a digital marketer in Manchester who wants to make an impact? Sign up to become a mentor and show your employers that you have what it takes to become an amazing leader.

Investing time in mentoring the next generation plays a significant role in shaping future leaders. The youth of today have the ability to do something great. As a mentor, you give them the support and encouragement they need to pursue and strive for this greatness. To be a good mentor means inspiring your mentees to grow, unlocking their true potential and preparing reliable leaders for the future.

5. Do Something That Matters

You may think you don’t have a lot to offer others at the current stage of your career. However, that’s not true. Regardless of where you are in your career, you can always be a mentor to people aspiring to be in your job role. The best part is that it is both professionally and personally satisfying.

Do you recall a teacher or mentor who helped you during your initial days as a professional? By becoming a mentor, you can give back to society by doing the same for someone else.

By helping your mentees develop new skills, share their ideas and grow, you have a massive impact on the trajectory of their lives. 

Maybe your choice to become a mentor did not start with selflessness. However, the choice itself is what truly matters. The feeling of satisfaction and knowing that you made a difference is absolutely incomparable. 


The journey of becoming a mentor is a life-changing experience with tremendous impact. Unlike what you may have heard, becoming a mentor does not require you to be established or have flashy professional credentials. Even if your career’s barely begun, you have a lot to offer.

Helping someone get started in their professional career is a noble aspiration and a rewarding experience. You are not just helping the young minds of today, you’re also shaping the leader of tomorrow. So make sure you do your part and make a real difference in someone’s life.

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