5 Suprising Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

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suprising beauty products

We’re all guilty of sticking to the same beauty buys and getting into a bit of a make-up rut from time to time. But there are some suprising beauty products out there which could transform your look and have you feeling fabulous again in no time!

So buckle up and let’s find out about five brilliant new products for you to try in 2022.

suprising beauty products

1 – Whitening strips

Once the preserve of teenagers to buy off eBay and sentence themselves to a lifetime of tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening strips have had a revamp! There is now a huge range of dentist-approved teeth whitening products on the market, which can improve the appearance of your teeth in a matter of weeks, without too much of an increase in sensitivity. Their use has increased in older adults because of how successfully they can remove stains; just pop them in, then sit back and watch some TV while the strips work their magic. You can compliment the whitening effect by pairing with a stain-removing toothpaste. Oh… and try to give the red wine a rest!

2 – Lash serum

Of all the suprising beauty products I never knew I needed; this one tops the list! I’ve been religiously using a lash serum every morning and night for the past couple of years after being bought one by a friend. Within a couple of months I could see a huge difference in the thickness of my lashes, which had been previously ruined by having extensions. Two years on and there’s barely a week goes by without someone asking me which mascara I use (anything!) and where I get my lashes done (I don’t!). My absolute favourite lash serum to use is this one, by Borboleta. It will leave your lashes long, silky and Bambi -like!

3 – Collagen supplements

Before I go into detail about why collagen supplements are in my top five suprising beauty products, let me preface by saying I was always so sceptical about supplements. I mean, I have a pretty good diet, I exercise lots and drink plenty water so why would I need any additional supplements, right? …Wrong. I was persuaded to try collagen after bumping into an old friend who looked like she’d rewound time since the last time I saw her. Expecting that she had found an excellent Botox practitioner, I asked her where she was getting her face ‘done’. She laughed in my (wrinkly) face and let me into her little secret; Collagen capsules from good old Holland and Barrett. I’ve been taking them a couple of weeks and I’m sure my skin already feels smoother and more plump (possibly due to festive weight gain but we shall see…).

4- Coffee Scrubs

This may well be the most suprising beauty product I’ll ever buy, because I’m really not a fan of the smell of coffee! If I can get past the smell, beauty editors swear that coffee scrubs are the way forward when it comes to removing dead skin and even over time, improving the appearance of cellulite. There are a huge variety of these babies launching on the marketplace, with lots of them ethically sourced and suitable for vegans. Check out ASOS for lots of reasonably priced options.

5 – The Wet Brush

This little wonder product is designed to be used in the shower, so you can start detangling your hair before you even get into your towel. It’s proven to reduce hair breakage and its massage bristles will stimulate your hair follicles so over time the hair should strengthen and lengthen. For me, anything that cuts down on the getting-ready time in the morning is an absolute no-brainer, so I’m very much looking forward to trying out this one.

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