5 Unique Hobbies for Children

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Now that the summer has arrived, you have perhaps started making plans for the school holidays and how you will keep your children occupied during the entire six weeks. It’s a better time than any for them to explore their talents and find a hobby they enjoy. In this post we share 5 unique hobbies recommended by a prep school in Monmouthshire that will be bound to get them excited and keep their brains active whilst off school.


If you’re not afraid of the mess left behind after a good crafting session, crafting is an excellent way to help your child explore their artistic talents and strengthen their creative thinking skills. 

A Sport 

What about a sport of some kind? While off on their school holidays it’s likely that your child won’t get as much physical exercise as they usually do. To keep them moving, why not explore different sports and find one that your child enjoys. There are a number of children’s sports clubs that run throughout the year that you may be able to get your child into. An added benefit is that they can use the opportunity to meet other children their age and make friends.


Magic tricks are cool to watch, and much more fun to act out. They are a way children can practise their problem-solving skills, public speaking skills and grow their confidence.

Bird Watching

While it might not sound as exciting as the other activities in this list, bird watching is highly rewarding and relaxing. It gets children outdoors soaking up sunshine and exploring nature. All your child will need is a bird encyclopaedia and possibly a pair of binoculars.


There are various things children can collect from coins to stamps. They will give your child something to study and become an expert in, utilising their critical thinking and memory skills.

While these are good solutions to fill out time, think about your child’s passions and how you can help them in exploring them further. This will likely be more beneficial to them and help them in learning about themselves and exploring their identity.

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