7 Hilarious Books You Need On Your Christmas List

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What’s not to love about a good book? Whether it’s a rom-com, an old-fashioned who-dunnit or a heart-racing page turner; a great book can take us away from the stresses and strains of our every day life and transport us into a whole new world.

Since 2020 has surely got to be the most stressful year on record; here are my recommendations for some gloriously funny laugh-out-loud books for you to curl up with over Christmas.

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay

One of my all-time favourite books. Adam Kay left medicine to become a stand-up comedian and the loss to A&E is a huge gain for the world of humour. Prepare to cry laughing at some of the genital-related horror stories and thank your lucky stars you didn’t choose medicine as a career.

Sh**ged Married Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsay

I’ll level with you guys. Haven’t actually read this one yet. But as a fan of the podcast I’m sure it’s going to be great. And the tribal woman in me just loves championing anyone who comes from my hometown of sunny South Shields. It’s why I listen to so much Little Mix and Joe McElderry.

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran

A book to read once quickly, then a second time slowly. Guardian columnist Caitlin Moran has opinions on everything and isn’t afraid to share them with a raw honesty that will have you both laughing out loud and stopping to think. From boobs, to tampons to horrible boyfriends. From childbirth to abortion to making marriage work; Moran covers it all.

Funny You Should Ask by the QI Elves

A great Christmas present for that hard-to-buy person (yes, I’m looking at you Dad). Written by the team of fact-finding researchers on the hit BBC2 show ‘QI’. This book investigates the weirdest and most wonderful facts about anything and everything you can imagine. A fab book to read with the kids too.

Dad You Suck by Tim Dowling

Perhaps it’s because Tim Dowling is also a father of three small boys, perhaps it’s because my children are also brutal in their regular insults, but I really identified with this book! Marketed as less of a parenting self-help book, more of a parenting self-hinder book; this book will have parents of young children in particular hooting with laughter. More than anything, this book will make you realise you’re not alone in finding this parenting malarkey intense.

How To Be A Complete and Utter Blunt: Diary of a Reluctant Social Media Sensation by James Blunt

I hate Twitter. Just don’t get it you know. But the one thing that makes Twitter worthwhile for me is the almighty wit of James Blunt. Once upon a time, James Blunt’s most enduring legacy was a three-minute, thirty-second pop song about a girl he saw on the underground, and a nation’s worth of abuse. But with the invention of Twitter, James found his real voice, and with it, the chance to reply with a simple ‘up yours’. Now the King of Twitter has ascended to the heady heights of occasionally ‘winning the internet’. Selected and introduced by James himself, this is a year in the life of the world’s most reluctant social media sensation. Now learn for yourself how to be a complete and utter Blunt . . .

Fuck Off, I’m Colouring Dicks

I think we can all agree; this is the most high-brow of all my recommendations. Does what it says on the tin. Will cause much hilarity for those of you who are juvenile enough. Gift for the Mother-in-law perhaps?

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