7 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

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I’m Sarah; and I’m addicted to buying house plants.

Oh wow. It feels good to have said that out loud! Very freeing. My husband may have threatened the divorce courts if I come back home “with one more bloody house plant”, but that’s not going to stop me. They were my lockdown guilty pleasure ok? Along with loungewear, wine and eye creams. I never claimed to be perfect guys. And as I’m always telling him, indoor plants have so many health benefits… so they’re an investment in our family’s health aren’t they? I’ve even started growing herbs on my windowsill to use for cooking… check me out!

With us all spending way too much time looking at the same four walls, it’s no suprise that spending on interiors and home improvements has rocketed over the past year. Our homes are now our work spaces, our restaurants, our bars and even our gyms. So of course they need to be multi-functional, but having a home that is also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can be of huge benefit to our mental health.

The good news is that even if you’re on a tight budget; there are some super easy, cheap and cheerful ways you can spruce up your living space! Check them out and get planning…

  • Head for houseplants

Well obviously I was going to put this one first, but hear me out. According to the royal horticultural society, having house plants improves the home’s air quality and has huge benefits for psychological well-being and productivity. Plus, you can pick up some absolute beauts for not much dosh these days, just in your local supermarket. What’s not to love?

  • Switch up your scents

My quickest go-to for a mood enhancer in my home is a good old scented candle. Use them to neutralise cooking smells if you’re working from the kitchen table, light a few in place of a big light to create a relaxed romantic feel, or for the ultimate in decadence; light a few gorgeous smelling candles in the bathroom while you have a soak. There are some beautiful inexpensive ones to be found in supermarkets; but for an indulgent treat, they don’t come much better than the Plum and Ashby Pomegranate Scented Candle.

  • Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to jazz up a plain white wall, to create a welcoming entrance hall or to add interest to a staircase. Hands up if you’ve ever been distracted in a zoom meeting by a fabulous collection of artwork hanging behind the person we should be concentrating on? See? They work! Mix your own personal pieces like photos and postcards with professional artwork for an eclectic and unique finish. Artfinder have a fantastic range of prints, paintings and photos to suit a range of budgets, it’s hard to choose a favourite but I think the ‘My Mate’ Marmite print by Ashley Jones might just take the top spot.

  • Paint something

There is no satisfaction like the one you get by taking an old shabby piece of furniture and rejuvenating it with a lick of paint! There are a wealth of YouTube videos out there which will guide you through how to get the best effect, whether you’re after ‘shabby chic’ or polished and perfect. Farrow and Ball have a beautiful range of colours suitable for use on wood and MDF; if you were really brave you could even have a go at the kitchen units?

  • Have a re-jig

If the budget is super tight; don’t despair. You’ll be suprised by what can be achieved by just re-organising the stuff you’ve already got. Whether it’s repositioning your living room furniture or just rearranging photo frames and decorative accessories, it can really breathe some fresh air into your space. The joy of this approach is that it holds zero risk. If you don’t like it; you just move everything back!

  • Embrace the joy of stick on tiles

Yes you heard me. I know they sound naff but the quality of what is on offer these days is actually great. They’re a great way to jazz up a plain fireplace surround or revamp a tired kitchen splashback. Much cheaper than the real deal, easy to apply and available in a range of colourful designs.

  • Fresh cushions or rugs

Another one of my potentially divorce-inducing addictions… soft furnishings. Unless you’re amongst the super rich, changing your sofa every time you want to change up the look of your ‘good room’ is just not going to be an option. However a new batch of cushions might well be do-able for lots of us. From a sneaky Sainsbury’s find while I’m doing the food shop, to a bespoke Etsy number, I love them all. If you’re a fan of the Danish phenomenon of Hygge; you’ll know that adding warmth and texture with rugs and cushions can really change the feel of your space. My current favourite haunt for homewares is the frankly, pretty sexy Rockett St George. Current top spots on my lust list are the incredibly detailed velvet rose cushion and the super versatile diamond kelim rug.

  • Get spring-cleaning!

It might not be as exciting as buying accessories or painting walls, but a really thorough clean can make you really appreciate your home all over again. Dusting down skirting boards, cleaning the windows and decluttering the kitchen surfaces are my go-to hacks to feel happier at home instantly.

So there you go. Eight sure fire ways to put the happy back into your home. What are you waiting for?

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