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I’m off to Ibiza for a wedding in June. Kid free baby!

It’ll be the first time my husband and I have been away sans our three children for more than a night for about eight years. We’re so excited… as are all of our friends who are also relishing the prospect of a few days kicking back and relaxing by the pool without our usual responsibilities.

The WhatsApp group messages are already coming in thick and fast. My phone is pinging like crazy with excited questions, ideas and plans. While the bride and groom are trying to organise all the little details, desperately googling everything from Ibiza prom car hire ideas to Balearic Island based florists… the guests have other things on their minds. Where is everyone staying? Hotel, villa or apartment? Which outfits and shoes are we planning on wearing? Which wedding gifts should we buy for the happy couple?

Ibiza has long been a popular place for a ‘destination wedding’ with Brits, and it’s popularity shows no sign of slowing. The long, sunny days, high temperatures and distinct lack of rain are all hugely appealing. Add to that the miles and miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue seas and how could anyone turn down the invite!? Ibiza just has the cool factor doesn’t it? Probably the reason why many a celeb wedding has taken place there over the years.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is capturing some stunning shots of Ibizan sunsets… I’m hoping there’ll be lots of lie-ins and that I won’t be up early enough to see any of the sunrises!

As always I’ll end up the the unofficial photographer of the event, as I do for most big gatherings of our group. On the day itself I’ll be taking snaps aplenty, not wanting to miss a moment of their magical day.

In order to avoid the WhatsApp group being deluged (again) with 9347 similar photos of the beautiful big day, I’ve been researching the best wedding photo sharing apps.

I’ve looked into quite a few and one of the best I’ve come across is ‘Wedding Photo Swap’. It allows brides and grooms to create their own personalised space for guests to add photos. You can add an unlimited number of albums for each part of the wedding, so I’m actually considering we trial it out on the hen do!

The app allows you to invite guests by email before your wedding (through the app or website), or you can print cards pre-filled with your guest access details to add to your invites. All the photos uploaded to Wedding Photo Swap are saved in high resolution so when you have collected all the photos from your wedding you can simply choose to download them all or order beautiful prints of your wedding.

I wish something similar to this had been available at my wedding Unfortunately that was such a long time ago we gave our guests disposables… thank goodness times have changed!

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