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Haven’t our schools just been so brilliant since the dreaded ‘Rona turned up to turn our lives upside down? I’ve marveled at how the teachers have turned their hands to online learning, trying to keep their young housebound charges engaged and inspired. The only problem in our house is that the tasks they send out, which might take an hour in school, with the teacher on hand to lead discussions etc, are rattled off on an ipad here quicker than you can say “Mam can I go on me Xbox?”!

This means that my middle son, who just turned 8, is invariably finished his work by 10.30am and has a long boring day ahead of him with me and his Dad shushing him while we’re on Zoom calls. It’s so easy then to just allow him to fall into a brain-mushing spiral of YouTube videos, Roblox (don’t ask!) and TikTok. If he was a keen reader things might be different but unfortunately getting him to pick up a book is as difficult as getting his older brother to eat vegetable. I know that if I could get him entertained in a bit of independent play, I’d get some work done… and he wouldn’t be at risk of going completely boggle-eyed in front of a screen.

Last week the Mum-guilt got me so bad and I decided to research some toys that might have an educational slant that would challenge his brain without him even realising. If you also have kids who might be spending way too much time on a screen or without meaningful activity; check out my top Amazon tips for independent play toys, meaning you might stand a cat-in-hell’s chance of getting some peace and quiet!

Giant Craft Box, £11.99

DIY 190 piece Robot Building Set

Interactive Map Game, £19.49 

Modelling Clay Kit £19.99

Mosaic Puzzle Craft Toy, £13.99

Magnetic Building Blocks Construction Toy, £19.99

Friendship Bracelet Kit, £11.97

Space Rocket Construction toy, £22.99

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