Kids Books That Encourage Them To Dream Big

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Can reading the right books help encourage resilience and a positive mindset?

2020 was a funny old year for all of us, not least our kids. They missed substantial amounts of their education, had less time with their extended family and friends and restricted access to all of their hobbies and the things that bring them joy.

It’s more important than ever at the moment that in a time when children might feel unsettled and out of kilter, we build them up and restore their confidence, cultivating a positive mindset not only for themselves but for the world around them. To tell them we believe in them, and that no matter how tricky things are now, they can still find their place in the world.

Step forward these brilliant kids books which empower youngsters from all backgrounds to dream big and stay kind along the way.

Break the Mould’ by Sinead Burke

This life-affirming book is filled with empathy and understanding (as well as a large helping of fun). It suggests to the reader that although we are all different, without a single one of us, the world would be a lesser place to live in.

Anything Is Possible by Gareth Southgate

I heard England’s Number 1 Waistcoat-wearer being interviewed on Radio 2 about this book the other day and immediately ordered a copy. A great gift for a young person whether they’re a football fan or not. It is packed with vital messages for young people and highlights how success is more meaningful if it’s accompanied by the values of fairness, integrity and inclusion. Proceeds go to The Prince’s Trust which means it’s also a gift that gives back!

Happy Confident Me Journal

A particularly handy tool for kids who are struggling with confidence or self-image. This journal is filled with fun activities which boost self-esteem and encourage young minds to focus on all the things they can do brilliantly, rather than those they find difficult. In a sea of kids books which focus on mental health, this one takes a really practical approach which can be worked on at their own pace.

‘Little Leaders – Visionary Women Around The World’ by Vashti Harrison

For little girls who want to change the world, this book proves that great things can be achieved no matter what your background is. It features the stories of 40 inspirational women from writers to scientists to explorers. Some names will be familiar, others will not. All had a lasting impact on the world.

The Good Guys’ by Rob Kemp and Paul Blow

The all-time favourite book in our house! My eldest two have read this fantastically inspirational book from cover to cover several times. Flipping those old masculine stereotypes on their head, this book asks us to celebrate men and boys who changed the world with kindness, generosity and friendship rather than relying on strength, success and charm. From David Bowie to Lionel Messi and Nelson Mandela, these stories will warm your heart and have your kids admiring their heroes for a whole new host of reasons. This is one of those kids books you won’t dread having to read time after time!

‘Fantastic People Who Dared To Fail’ by Luke Reynolds

Our young people are often bombarded with seemingly successful people. Social media encourages us to compare our lives with others and find them sorely lacking… and sometimes our failures feel even worse when compared to how well other people are apparently doing! This book is a fantastic antidote to all of that, revealing the failures and mistakes made by some now incredibly successful people. From J.K Rowling to Steven Spielberg; this book will make your child see that with drive, persistence and passion, they can put their blunders far behind them!

Positively Teenage’ by Nicola Morgan

A great book for both parents and teenagers to read (possibly not together in case the teenager thought that was absolutely CRINGE). It’s full of ways to put a positive slant on teen behaviour and helps parents assist their teenagers through these testing years. You’ll find advice on building confidence, developing a positive mindset and approaching challenges with enthusiasm and resilience.

Little People, Big Dreams’ by Lisbeth Kaiser

A lovely series of books for younger readers introducing them to the idea that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things; all that is required is a dash of imagination, a pinch of bravery and a sprinkling of kindness. Explore the whole range of stories, all beautifully illustrated by Marta Antelo. Some kids books give you that warm, fuzzy feeling don’t they? This is one of them.

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