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Whether you’re looking for a change of pace after the pandemic forced you out (or at least out of love) with your previous line of work or you’re looking to add a little additional income to the family through a digital side hustle, it’s always a good idea to look to your skills and passions when it comes to finding a new job or career. For some mums, that might mean being particularly good with children, even those that aren’t your own. There are a lot of jobs that can make good use of that skill indeed.

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Let’s start with the first one that tends to come to mind when we think of working with children: teaching. As a teacher, you would be the individual primarily responsible for helping children learn a variety of subjects. Depending on what level and age you would teach at, this could mean the basics of their alphabet, numbers, and colours, or delving slightly deeper into English, maths, and other subjects. Working as a teacher requires plenty of education and preparation, and it’s also a very high-demand job that can see people burn out of it, so you need to make sure that you’re very well-motivated by the work, which is indeed very rewarding.


If you would prefer to keep things on the side of giving care to kids and making sure that they’re kept safe, healthy, and looked after, then working as a childminder or a nanny might be just the thing for you. Depending on where you work, this can range from part-time working looking after a specific family’s child, or it can involve working in a daycare with a range of children and other staff to help. You might even be able to start your own daycare business at home if you’re willing to put the work in. Regardless, it’s a job that requires a lot of patience, a lot of care, and plenty of flexibility to work with kids of different temperaments. 


You might want to play a helping hand in children’s education, but you might not want all of the stresses that come with being a teacher at the head of a class. You might also not have time for a full-time position. For that reason, becoming an online physics and maths tutor might be just the right step for you. Tutors do a lot of the work teachers do, just in a very different environment. Typically, it involves working one to one with a single student, and it also involves focusing on specific elements of their curriculum or at least one subject that they might be looking for help with, in particular. That said, it can still feel very rewarding indeed to see a student making progress, especially when you have that one-to-one time to more closely monitor them.

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Pediatric nurse

If you have a great need to care for children and you feel very strongly about helping those in need, then you might want to look at the hands-on approach of getting qualified to work as a pediatric nurse. As the name suggests, this is a nurse who specialises in helping children, treating injuries and illnesses, providing care for those staying at hospitals, and generally assisting other health care workers in a variety of ways. Of course, the option of becoming a paediatrician or any other form of doctor that works with kids is also there, but this is a path that takes several years of intense study and work, so it’s not one that’s easy to recommend to everyone. Nursing still takes some work to get into but can be an easier way into a medical profession.

Social worker

Of course, there are other kinds of care that you can offer to children besides helping them when they are physically unwell. Social workers are an important part of any society’s support structure, typically helping to ensure the health, wellbeing, and opportunity of children and families. It can mean working with children who are in some tough or even dangerous situations, dealing with poverty, substance abuse, and even harmful scenarios, so it requires a very strong stomach to work in this field. However, it can also involve things like working with children who experience learning difficulties.


It might sound like it’s not a real job, but there are indeed adults who get paid to play with children. A playworker’s job is, of course, more complex than that and requires proper planning and work. Playworkers help to plan and carry out play activities with children, right up to teenagers, often at social clubs, school environments, as part of social programs, or even in holiday environments. This means finding and planning play activities, organising all the necessary materials and resources, and encouraging the kids to play fair and safe. Sometimes, it might even see you getting involved with the play itself. Don’t underestimate the stress that can come with getting kids to play nicely together, but it can be very rewarding to help kids simply be kids and enjoy their play.

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Working in children’s charities

If you have a particular passion for helping those who are less fortunate than others and in more need of help, then working with a charity can always be a very fulfilling role. Many charities have volunteer workers, but most of them also have paid workers, whose full-time role it is to see the objectives of said charity carried out. There are a lot of children’s charities to help those who have come from rough homes, are experiencing poverty, hunger, illness or a range of other issues. Finding a way to work with these charities can help you make a career pivot while also doing something that you’re certain makes a very important difference in the lives of those affected by it.

One of the best things about jobs in working with children is that there’s always going to be a need for them. As long as we keep having kids, we’re going to need teachers, tutors, nurses, childminders and so on.

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