Charitable Wedding: How To Use Your Wedding For A Good Cause

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Weddings are a great time to celebrate and create memorable moments with family and friends. However, you can make your wedding part of a more meaningful and greater cause by using it as an opportunity to do something for charity. Think about how great that will make you feel. Not only will you be enjoying a special day in your life, but you’ll turn it into a special occasion for others besides you and your guests. So, do you want to put smiles on needy faces on your wedding day? Here are some ways to create a charitable wedding.

  • Find a non-profit venue for your wedding

Exotic wedding locations and beaches are great, but if you want to create a charitable wedding, consider finding a non-profit venue instead. From beautiful museum spaces to historical sites, you’ll be amazed to find lovely venues you can use for your wedding or wedding reception while giving back at the same time. Another great thing about non-profit or charity wedding venues is that they are less expensive, and all the money you spend will go to a good cause. Fortunately, your wedding planner can help you find the ideal non-profit wedding venue to ensure your big day is special while helping others. 

  • Donate excess items

Another way you can use your wedding for a good cause is to donate any excess wedding items to charity. You can do this in two ways. First, if you have leftovers, such as decor flowers, gowns and other accessories, donate them to hospitals or churches. Second, if you receive more wedding gifts than you expected (or needed) or duplicated gifts, there’s no harm in giving the excess to people who need them. 

  • Raise funds for a cause

While there’s no rule that wedding guests should bring gifts, you can encourage the expected attendees to make donations for a charity of your choice. Your guests can bring contributions in cash or kind to your wedding, and they can help you make donations to any charitable cause you believe in. You can also consider setting up a charitable wedding gift registry and ask your guests to donate to your favourite charities. You can also set up an online donation platform for those who may not be able to attend the wedding to make their contributions. 

  • Swap the bachelorette or bachelor party for a volunteer event

Yes, your bachelor or bachelorette event is necessarily on the wedding day, but it’s still related to your wedding event. Instead of hosting some exotic fantasy experience or private escapade, consider signing up for a volunteer event. Depending on what causes you believe in, the options vary. You can try setting up a soup kitchen to feed some hungry people on the street. You can also visit an orphanage and make donations as a bridal team. Another option is to volunteer your services to charity projects near you. 


Using your wedding as a platform to carry out a good cause is one way you and all your guests would have fond memories of the occasion and help someone in need. A charitable wedding is definitely an option to consider!

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