Developmental toys for babies

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Most parents know that a babies brain develops rapidly from birth throughout the toddler years.

But lots of us are unsure how we can go about stimulating the development of our baby’s brain. Let’s look at the role of developmental toys for babies and how they can support future learning.

Brain development comprises of four areas; cognitive/understanding, social/emotional, language/communication, motor/physical. That’s a lot for new parents to be thinking about when choosing toys and it’s important not to get too hung up on the toys themselves! A study by the University of Minnesota showed that there are three important things you can do for your baby or toddler which don’t cost a penny; they are to play with your child in a present engaged way, to offer comfort when they are distressed and to read regularly to your baby. Reading is absolutely vital for the early development of language and can prove a real bonding experience for parent and child.

When it comes to choosing developmental toys for babies, look for ranges that incorporate a range of bright attractive colours, a variety of interesting textures and even toys which contain sounds. As your child gets older, nearer to six-nine months, look for toys which encourage exploration and problem solving. It’s great for them to be able to try things out on their own, as much as our parental instinct is to do it all for them!As your child grows, introduce them to shapes, creative toys, and ones which encourage role-play and imagination.

It’s also becoming increasingly important to parents to choose toys which are sustainable, well-made and robust. We want toys which can be handed down to younger siblings or cousins rather than lots of plastic which tends to break on the third time it’s played with! The beautiful wooden toys on offer at Jaques of London cater for children from birth through to pre-school. Their range is perfect for parents who are looking for developmental toys for babies which will stimulate and excite little minds.

My favourites from the range are the wooden activity cube, the various stacking and sorting toys… and of course the iconic red London bus. The Black Friday sale is live now, perfect for gifts for any new additions to the family as well as older children.

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