Donate a coat to a child in need this winter

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If you’re anything like me you’ve got way too many coats on the pegs as you come through the door right? I bet you have to fight your way through them don’t you?

And if your house is anything like mine; half of those coats never even get worn. When you consider that 31% of the UK’s kids are living in poverty and will likely have to go without a warm coat this winter, it’s criminal to think of ours just hanging there unused.

That’s why this Autumn, ‘The Good Thing Is Though’ is teaming up with the fabulous sustainable clothing company ‘Wunderduds’ to collect in and donate your unused childrens coats to kids in the northeast and London who are in desperate need.

The awful combination of the pandemic, the end of furlough and the end of the twenty pounds uplift in Universal Credit means that many families are having to make the choice between heating their homes and buying food. This scheme hopes to take some of the pressure off parents so they can cross the purchase of winter coats off their list.

Donate a coat this Autumn We would love you to donate a coat which is in good condition. So no bust zips, stains or rips. We want the children to head off to school feeling proud!

To get involved you can contact myself in the northeast at [email protected] or if you’re based down South, contact Lyndsey at [email protected]

Let’s keep kids toasty warm this winter… and clear that mountain of coats you’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop for three years. It’s a win win situation!

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