Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

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The ability to write creatively is a rewarding skill to have that allows children to feel free and exploratory in their own thoughts, or even to build their own stories through creative writing.

Having a good set of writing skills is a great way of building your child’s inquisitiveness whilst also building their English writing and grammar knowledge.

Exploring creative writing with your child is a fun way of getting involved with your child’s skills and seeing where they can improve. Here are some top tips you can use to develop your child’s writing, from this boys prep school.

Keep reading with your child

Reading books often is a part of a child’s overall development, and not just to boost creative writing. Pick up a range of reading material for your child to explore, from graphic novels, to fantasy novels and nonfiction books. The more you read with your child the greater their knowledge of the world and how they can develop their writing, understanding of more vocabulary and using grammar.

Allow your child to develop their interests

Having a range of interests will give your child more opportunities for your child to develop their own writing style through the things they love the most. Doing this will give your child more inspiration to develop their writing from. 

Creative writing is easier to develop in the things you enjoy the most. If your child loves cycling, get them to write stories about what makes them happy when they’re on the bike. If they enjoy football then get them to write about what makes them feel involved in playing the game. These small exercises can encourage your child to write freely, especially when they get to write about what they love the most.

Repetition is key

Getting your child to write a little each day will greatly boost their writing abilities, and make them feel more comfortable in their own space to write about whatever comes to mind. Never push your child to write often, but encourage them to write a little bit each day to see how their skills develop.

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