Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

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To appreciate what you have, and to enjoy those special moments, you’re expressing gratitude. To explore gratitude properly, there are a number of ways to show your child what it means to be kind and to be appreciative. Here in this guide from a private school in Abingdon, we look at the ways you can explore gratitude with your child.

Ask them what they’re thankful for

If they’re aware of what makes them happy, it’ll be much easier for them to understand what it means to be grateful and appreciative. Once a day, or a few times a week at least, show your child what you are thankful for, and what you love doing every day. It’s not always about having the latest products, or following the trends your friends are into. It’s about having your child look at what they already own or experience and showing them the good things about all of them.

Allow your child to experience new activities and interests

Explore a range of activities with your child, or at least encourage them to look through a range of activities. Having your child look through a range of activities will help them find things that make them feel happy and inspired to pursue, which is the main reason why it’s seen as beneficial. Your child has the chance to develop their skills in teamwork, delegation and discipline, and it can also show your child what they have to look forward to.

Encourage your child in many ways

Having a parent that’s just as enthusiastic as their children about life and the many wonders in store will help them in their understanding of gratitude. If you’re baking a cake, explain how interesting it is to see a cake rise in the oven. At the zoo, amaze your child with fun facts about the animals we share the planet with. These and many more examples will show your child how lucky they are to have these experiences.

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