Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child

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Mindfulness is an important skill to have that not many people realise can have an impact on their resilience skills, problem solving and their ways of managing their emotions. It’s something that can be taught in a number of ways throughout our lives, and has been linked to better mental health, too. To explore mindfulness at home with your child, here are some ways you get started from this boys school in Chorleywood.

Try yoga with your child

Yoga is not just something that adults can explore, it’s for all ages, and can greatly improve a child’s flexibility and their skills in balance and core muscle strength. Yoga also teaches children about the importance of the breath. It’s beneficial for children first discovering how to handle long, deep breaths on a regular basis and taking a moment to reflect, before moving onto the next move.

Explore mindful eating

This involves encouraging your child to look at what they’re eating and how it has been made to benefit them. Your child can do this with any food they like and it begins by slowly eating and taking in the flavours you experience. Ask your child what they are feeling when they’re eating and how it tastes to them. Do they feel happy when they’re eating this food? This exercise will naturally make your child more aware of what they can explore through mindfulness even in everyday tasks.

Ask your child what they are thankful for

While mindfulness typically explores exercises that calm the body, it’s important to explore ways that this can be built upon. This is when having open conversations with your child is vital to their overall understanding of mindfulness and how it can help them grow as a person. They can use what they are grateful for as a way of discovering what they can do to manage their mindfulness skills.

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