Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

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STEM subjects receive a lot of focus and attention at school. This is because they are the subjects that drive change and innovation. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths but was later extended to form STEAM to include Art. The careers that they lead to are also in demand with skills shortages in many of the areas. During times like this, they offer higher levels of job security and promise with STEM jobs projected to grow by 8.8% this year. If you would like to help your child with their STEM, we have a list of tips for you below.


Online STEM Games

A child will happily sit in front of an educational video game over a worksheet any day. If you would like to get yours to actively participate in something educational, look for a game on it. You will be able to find them on almost anything, including STEM. There is a whole range from maths penalty shootouts to coding games that allow you to create your own digital inventions.


Educational Toys

Toy stores are kitted with a variety of educational toys for children. Whether your child has a passion to be a doctor and is into science or needs help with their maths, there will certainly be something there for them. 


Family Games 

Staying on the theme of games, you can play made up challenges and competitions at home to test their maths ability. So long as you’re not too competitive, it should go down well and make for good bonding time with the kids.


Sink or Swim

What children love about science is the experiments that they can partake in. Putting things to the test is exciting and an easy one that you can do at home is “sink or swim”. All you will need are objects that you predict will either sink or float to put to the test.


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