The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children

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Getting your child invested in different activities will provide them with a huge number of benefits and opportunities to grow and become invested in what makes them feel happy. But there are also a range of other benefits that your child can grow from. Here, in this guide from a pre prep school in Richmond, we’ll be looking at the benefits that extracurricular activities bring to children.

It boosts your child’s mental health

Having something to look forward to and can feel engaged in gives your child a big serotonin boost. It helps them learn and understand the feeling you get from being involved in regular activity, and they get to explore something completely new to them. Mental health in children is incredibly important to help maintain a strong focus throughout their school lives.

Children have the chance to gain new skills

One of the biggest advantages is the chance to learn something new and that will develop on skills they’ve already learnt. A lot of what’s taught in regular lessons can be adapted to the extracurricular activities they’ve decided to pick up. There’s also a big opportunity in finding something that really challenges your child, in that they can find joy and have fun in solving problems.

It can improve their resilience

Part of growing up is being able to understand the act of being resilient and facing adversity in what they do. Extracurricular activities can be quite physical, so it’s a good way of seeing where your child can handle the pressure and where they find the joy in what they do. Training a child to be resilient also means they’re more likely to be confident and give them a boost to their self esteem.

Children should aim to pick up at least one or two extracurricular activities to see what makes them feel engaged, and pay attention to their interest in these activities. If they’re not sure, then encourage them to try something new.

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