Four Things To Do When Helping Your Teen Prepare For Uni

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As a parent, you’ll likely have a lot of mixed feelings about getting your teen ready for uni. After all, while you will no doubt be proud of them, you’ll also be coming to terms with them moving away and living independently for the first time. The concept is daunting even if you trust your teen to be mature and responsible. 

However, you can ease your own worries and help your teen feel more confident by ensuring that they are well-prepared when the time comes for them to fly the nest.

With that in mind, here are four things to do when helping your teen prepare for uni! 


Help them with their application.

While your teen may be keen to work on their applications alone, offering a helping hand here and there will not go amiss. For example, you could offer to proofread their application before they send it off, as spelling mistakes or grammatical errors could be the difference between them receiving an offer or a rejection email. 

If your teen is struggling with any part of their application, such as writing a personal statement, you might also want to reach out to additional support services. For example, utilising personal statement services will help your teen win over application teams and ensure they stand out from the crowd. Service providers will also have a greater understanding of exactly what is needed to receive an offer.


Get finances in order. 

Helping your teen get their finances in order is a great way to ensure they have a 

a healthy financial future (at university and beyond). To begin with, you should do plenty of research so that you know everything you need to know about Student Finance. This means they can put in their application early and figure out how much of a loan they will receive. Once you have received this information, you can help them learn how to budget their money. This will reduce the chances of them ringing you each week to ask for some cash.


Teach them some life skills. 

University will help your teen prepare for the professional field or their dream job – but they’ll also need to pick up a few life skills along the way. As a parent, you can give them a head start by teaching them some basic ‘adulting’ skills before they head out. 

For example, while ramen noodles are a staple of student cuisine, they aren’t the healthiest option. As such, teaching your teen some effective ways to get the most nutritional value from their food, or a few simple recipes, will help them follow a healthier diet.


Be a shoulder to cry on.

The process of applying to university will likely bring around a lot of stress for your teen – whether they’re worried about being offered a place, making new friends, or the general challenges of studying at degree level. As a result, it’s important that you are on hand to act as emotional support during this time and help them to relieve anxiety and maintain a positive outlook. Let them know that you’re always there to offer advice or simply listen if they want to rant and get their emotions out.

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