5 Fun Gifts For Tween Boys

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Finding fun gifts that won’t make them roll their eyes… not as easy as it sounds!

Remember the good old days of having a four or five year old? Where you could hand over 50 quid in Smyth’s Toy Superstore and leave with enough plastic crap to convince them you’d spent a fortune. Sadly that just won’t cut the mustard once your kid hits the tweens and teens years. And if your tween is a boy, I reckon it’s even harder. Finding them fun gifts that they’ll actually use and (whisper it) be impressed with, is a tough task.

As much as we all want to be a great parent with firm boundaries… we also secretly want to be the cool parent too don’t we? It’s nice to think that we might one day suprise them with just how hip ( Hip? Oh God; I don’t think it’s cool to say hip) we actually are.

With my eldest boys eleventh birthday fast approaching I’ve decided that as well as his usual Nike haul, I’m going to think outside the box and give him some super fun gifts that he wasn’t expecting. He’s warned me not to say ‘super fun’ but hey; he’s not the boss of me…

I’ve taken the super fun/hip/cool legwork out of it for you and found Amazon’s top fun gifts for tween boys. All you need to do now is wrap it, sit back and wait for them to be seriously impressed.

  1. The Tik Tok Challenge features 100 unique cards with over 200 challenges for you to record and upload. Top tip: allowing yourself to be humiliated on social media will always win your kids approval.

2. lneonlife Game Neon Sign is in my basket right now! How cool is this!? Ideal addition to funk up your little gamer’s bedroom.

3. The GoPro Hero8 Black Bundle is the perfect kit for any aspiring YouTubers or pro gamers out there. This is a bit of a blow the budget gift rather than your average fun gift I have to admit!

4. The Young Driver’s Experience might well give you a few more grey hairs, but it will certainly make you very popular if your tween is desperate to get behind the wheel!

5. Nokia Noise Cancelling Headphones – For anyone who is permanently having to listen to your kids gaming/TikTok and Spotify… you’ll realise I’ve added this in as a sneaky gift for you too. Worth every penny!

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