Fun Stocking Fillers for Under Tens

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The big prezzies are the easiest ones to buy when it comes to kids aren’t they? Let’s face it, they’ve probably given you their lists in mid September and checked approximately 723 times that you’re clear on it. Fun stocking fillers are another matter altogether though…


They’re the bits and pieces that provide a bit of bulk to the all important pile of gifts. They’re the ones that give everyone a laugh, and often take up half of Christmas morning to open. Now in my opinion, there can be no better stocking filler for an under ten than a good old whoopee cushion; but just in case your Christmas is more high-brow than mine; here are some more quick and easy ideas for fun stocking fillers for under tens.

I’m a huge advocate of a book as a stocking filler for kids. Mine aren’t keen readers but they’ll give them a go if I pop one in their Christmas Eve box. This one, Jump, all about football (shock) with a foreword by Joe Hart no less, was a huge hit with my boys so I’d highly recommend it for any young fans of the beautiful game.


Head on over to Wicked Uncle for a range of fab toys, books and gadgets which are helpfully grouped into age brackets, genders and interests. I’ve already invested in kites, fidget toys and books, all of which are super budget friendly.

Another idea which you can’t go wrong with is a good old computer game. Let’s be honest, this particular stocking filler will buy you a bit of time on Christmas morning, meaning you can concentrate on not burning the stuffing! Outright Games has a huge selection of physical games and digital codes to suit a range of budgets.


The Upside Down Challenge game was a huge hit in our house last Christmas Day, it’s not just a fun stocking filler for an under ten though, this one will be loved from toddlers right through to the great-grandparents. Good old-fashioned silly fun!


You can’t go wrong with some brand spanking new coloured pens and pencils for a stocking filler for an under ten. Stabilo are the top of the class when it comes to great quality pens and they’re available nationwide in Ryman stores and also on Amazon. Chuck in a colouring book themed to whatever it is they’re into (and it’s always football-related in this house) and you’re onto a winner.


If your kids are always on their scooter or bike; this Hornit Mini complete with 25 lights and sounds, will keep them visible and add the fun factor to their rides.


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