Gifts for your Gal Pals: Because They’re Worth It!

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There’s no greater love than lifelong friendship. Didn’t y’all get the memo? Buying gifts for your gal pal’s is a new-ish concept, but it’s one I am absolutely here for.

We spend so much of our twenties and thirties searching for that perfect romantic love. But perhaps some of the deepest and most meaningful connections of our life are already right there in front of us, in the shape of our girls, our mates, our ‘day ones’. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being showered with gifts by my partner, or a jaw-droppingly handsome secret admirer (chances are slim to none). But when it comes to buying gifts, I’m more inclined to splash out on my pals. I recently indulged my bestie in some gorgeous sparkly huggie earrings because she was going through a tough time. It gave me so much pleasure seeing her face light up when she opened the box! And while we’re on the subject… you know what I absolutely love about huggie earrings!? You can sleep with them in without the post digging in your ear! Sorry, I digress…

aurate huggie earrings

Buying gifts and handing them over to your nearest and dearest friends is about saying, thank you for always being there. Through the good times, the bad times… and the terribly hungover times. You don’t need to buy gifts just for single friends either… this ain’t no pity party! Think of it as a token of your love, after all, our platonic love stories often long outlive all the other types. Gifts don’t have to be super expensive of course, but if you’re really wanting to splash out you might want to invest in a presidium gem tester for any vintage finds you decide to invest in.

If there’s a fabulous friend in your life who deserves a treat then you can’t go wrong with a divine piece of jewellery .

You know your pals best though, and sometimes a small token like a book you just know they’ll love reading, or a lipstick which is just their colour hits the spot just as well as a more expensive gift.


There’s also the option to gift a friend a beautiful pamper pack stocked with everything your best pal will need to relax and recharge her batteries. Throw in a couple of moisturising face masks, a scented candle and a bar of indulgent dark chocolate… what’s not to love!?


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