Gifts for the men in your life (that they’ll actually love)

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your husband or a present that your brother who seems to have it all will actually use, it can be really tricky buying for the men in your life sometimes, which is why I have put together a few ideas for those of you who are buying for men and don’t know what to choose.

Hopefully, all of these ideas will win you lots of brownie points with the men in your life…

A comfy hoodie

When it comes to buying for men, you really can’t go wrong with a simple hoodie. A wardrobe staple, we all have at least one of them for those days when relaxation is on the agenda. If you can find a supersoft comfy hoodie that is well made and looks great… well it’s unlikely any man will not love it.

A designer top

Sticking with the theme of fashion for a moment, another good shout is a really high-quality t-shirt from a designer brand like Off-White for men. T-shirts are another wardrobe staple for most men and a high-quality one will feel better and last much longer, which means they will definitely get plenty of use out of it, and because you will already know their style, you can very easily pick out a design they will love.

A car diagnostic tool

You know how men love to tinker with their precious cars don’t you? Well with a nifty little car diagnostic tool they can feel in control of any annoying automobile problems at all times.

Luxury bath towels

Okay, so this may not seem like a great idea for a gift at first glance, but if you know that one man in your life who has really bad, thin bath towels because he’s too busy thinking about more important things like sports or work to bother, then he will actually be pretty delighted with a luxury set like these ones from Brooklinen, especially if he entertains regularly, and especially if he’s already the man who has everything.

Personalised whiskey

If he loves a drink and he likes to think of himself as a sophisticated man, you really can’t go wrong with a vintage whiskey that has been personalised with his name and date of birth or whatever message you think he’ll like most. If he doesn’t like whiskey, substitute with wine or whatever tipple he does enjoy and the same effect will be had.

Hot sauce

Most men seem to go wild for hot sauce, and these days you can get some pretty gourmet hot sauce sets that will enable the men in your life to perfectly season their food with the exact level of spice they prefer, so such a gift is sure to go down well.

Tickets for a major event

If he really does have everything, then buying him tickets to a big football game, gig or comic-con type event, depending on what he’s into is sure to be a winner, just try to make sure you get a peek of his calendar so you know he’ll be free first.

Gifting men can be tricky, but these ideas are pretty much universally loved and many of them can be tweaked to meet the needs of the specific men in your life, so hopefully, you’ll have an easier time of it this festive season.

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