Giving Back in 2022

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We are going into a new year and one of the resolutions that some people have is to give back to others along the way. Giving back – whether you are a business or not – can be important to you if you want to do something for others that really does matter. You don’t need a specific day or movement to give back to other people, and you definitely don’t need a reason beyond ‘because you want to’. Giving back is all about recognising what you have and choosing altruism. It’s about ensuring that you are able to do something that feels good, no matter what it is. 

The good news is that whether you choose to donate water pumps or you choose to donate a tree to your local community, there are always options. The world is made a better place when everyone gives back, and the best thing that you can do is figure out what it is that you want to do most to give to others. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got you! Below, you’ve got a list of ways that you can look at giving back in 2022.

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  • Check in on your neighbours. If you know that you have neighbours in need in your local community, checking in on them is a good thing that you can do. Many people need a little help from time to time, and your neighbours are included in that. Reach out to your local community and do what you can to help others around you. You never know who’s most in need until you check. 
  • Start a donation drive. In your business, you can start a donation drive where you start a collection of donated items or cash for those in need – whether that’s a charity or not. If there is a local charity or a school, choosing these areas is a smart way to give back that really matters. 
  • Offer to support a local business. Local businesses thrive better and neighbourhoods thrive by extension. If there are smaller businesses that need a shout out, and you have the chance, you can support a local business and ensure that you put the word out about it. If you are supporting others like this, you’re going to be doing the best you can to help another family to thrive.
  • Volunteer locally. Does your neighbourhood need a cleanup? Don’t worry, yours wouldn’t be the only one. You can either be in the community properly or you can support others virtually. Volunteer opportunities in local schools, hospitals and businesses can change things for you and others will benefit from your help. 
  • Choose a random act of kindness. The smallest acts can be everything to someone else. Whether it’s things like leaving flowers in a local aged care facility or it’s bringing groceries to someone. You could choose to get on a plane and help overseas in some of the volunteer efforts abroad. You can take a random act of kindness and make it something amazing.

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