Humpday Happiness

Well… this Humpday feels substantially happier than the last one doesn’t it? Whether you’re in the camp of wanting lockdown measures to ease sooner, or still feeling anxious about a return to normality; for all of us, there is light at the end of this very long tunnel.

I for one have loved seeing the hilarious memes doing the rounds on social media, predicting what we’ll all be up to when we get our freedom handed back on June 21st. May I strongly suggest that over the next few weeks we all start working on our flexibility so we can compete with this absolute party animal on our first night out on the town. What a legend!

If like me you’re counting down the days until you can welcome guests back into your home, you might want to give it a little makeover. Check out my top tips for sprucing up your space, whatever your budget.

Today I have two brilliant new ‘Good Reads’ for you. The first, ‘All or Nothing’ by one of my favourite Instagram writers Experimum, really spoke volumes to me at a time when I felt very overwhelmed by the lockdown and homeschooling. But it’s ultimately full of hope for brighter days ahead. The second is a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking story of a writer who struggled with infertility, but used her experiences to improve the chances of other couples.

Speaking of writers; if you have any budding authors of your own, get them to check out the Leukaemia Society short story writing competition. It’s open to children aged between 7 and 15.

I hope you all have a great week and that the sunshine sticks around for you. Brighter days are coming!




P.S – New merchandise and new spotlight charity announcement coming next week. I hope you’ll love all the new goodies!