Humpday Happiness

Hello and Happy Humpday to you!

Quick question for you: How the flippin’ hell is it October again already? I’ve only just cleared up the last of the stray pine needles from the Christmas tree, I blinked; and it seems we’re knee deep in Autumn.

With those mornings getting a bit chillier, it’s undoubtedly ‘big coat’ season. With 31% of the UK’s children living in poverty, lots will be in desperate need of a winter coat. I’m really excited to say that The Good Thing Is Though is teaming up with the sustainable kids fashion brand ‘Wunderduds’ in an effort to collect in all those old winter coats you have lying around unused at home! Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see me bugging you all on social media to get them dropped off and on their way to kids who need them.

And speaking of wrapping up warm, if you’re familiar with the sheer joy of standing on a football/rugby/cricket pitch in all weather, you’ll identify with the post I’ve written on why you should actively encourage your kids not to have hobbies. Seriously, just let them watch TV. It’s called Kids Hobbies: Just Say No. I hope it gives you a laugh… please feel free to share it with any parents of very young children so they don’t make the same mistakes I have.

There’s lots of new stuff on the site this month; including my attempt to get into Halloween (it’s a struggle for me… I just want it to be Christmas guys) with a spooky gift guide for all the family. There’s a piece with some tips on achieving a better work-life balance… still a work in progress for me I’ll admit, and finally as my eldest boy approaches his 11th birthday; I’ve researched some gifts that tweenagers won’t roll their eyes at. That’d be a miracle in this house.

Until the next time…




PS – Favourite news story of the month has to be the 81 year old who was saved by CPR whilst watching the new Bond film. It’s called ‘No Time To Die’.