Helping Others: What’s In It For You?

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The simple act of helping others can seem like a noble yet quaint relic of a bygone era. Many people lead busy lives nowadays and seldom have the time to do anything charitable. It can sometimes feel like the world is a cold place with few selfless acts of charity exhibited.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped spark a resurgence in people to be more kind and helpful to others.

Some folks feel like helping others is something they must do – much like a household chore. But did you know that acts of kindness and generosity offer many hidden and not-so-hidden benefits? Here’s what’s in it for you when you lend a helping hand to others:

You Feel Good

One obvious benefit to helping others is how you feel good. There’s actually a scientific reason behind it: acts of kindness and helping others release endorphins – natural mood-lifter hormones released by the body.

The feeling that a person gets when they help others is a “natural high”, so if you want to boost your mood and happiness levels, devote some of your time to selfless acts of kindness to others!

Improves Your Self-Worth

Whether you perform simple acts of kindness like holding the door open for people behind you or volunteer at a local homeless shelter, another benefit you’ll receive is improved levels of self-worth.

That’s because you know that you’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life – irrespective of your actions – and you’ll ultimately feel more valuable and confident.

It’s no secret that some people struggle with their levels of self-esteem. Helping others is an interesting and fantastic way to help yourself in that respect.

It’s Good For Spiritual Growth

Are you a religious person? If so, you might not realise it, but helping others is good for spiritual growth. That’s because it gets seen as a direct manifestation of your faith and values.

For example, helping others is seen in Christianity as a way to serve God. It echoes the “love thy neighbour” teachings of Jesus. In Islam, when you give sadaqah, your voluntary acts of kindness are a way of purifying your wealth and soul, much like with zakat.

Helps You Build Social Connections

Do you feel like you don’t have many social connections with people outside of your home and work lives? If so, helping others through volunteering, for example, can give you plenty of opportunities to forge new friendships with other like-minded people.

It’s also an excellent way to stave off feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if you’ve just moved to a new area or find it hard to make friends.

You Could Receive Unexpected Job Offers

Last but not least, being charitable and helpful to others could give you surprising benefits like unexpected job offers!

For instance, if you volunteer for a specific local charity, they may decide to hire you as a permanent member of staff because of your selfless acts of kindness.

Another example might be when a fellow volunteer may offer you a job working with them in a business that aligns with your core values.

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