Helping Your Child Become More Confident

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Confidence can be naturally taught to our children throughout their lives, with other times you needing a little push to direct them to where they need to grow. We can all help our children with their confidence at different stages in their growth, and this guide from a private school in London aims to show us how we can help our kids.

Make your child focus on their strengths

While we all have our weaknesses, as adults we know what we don’t feel comfortable doing and what can be helpful to our development. Your child is still growing as well and won’t know all there is to the world, so you should give them the benefit of the doubt where you can. Focus on your child’s overall strengths to help them come to terms with what they can and can’t do, then slowly work on things that your child could feel comfortable handling.

Praise your child often

Having a child that knows their own capabilities only helps their confidence further. It means that your child is aware of their own strengths and is happy to complete tasks without your direct support.

This can be greatly helped by regularly praising your child for doing a good job in anything that they do. It doesn’t have to just be about your child being the top of the class every time, it can also translate into doing their best in a recent football match even if they were on the losing side. These show your child that you’re proud of their success no matter how they approach them.

Explore a range of activities

Activities, like sports, hobbies or extracurricular activities they find at school all help your child become aware of what they feel comfortable pursuing and what they’re probably going to avoid. Regular play in their favourite hobbies will help your child find what they could be passionate about and how it can help them with their motivation and confidence.

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