Helping Your Child Become More Environmentally Conscious

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It’s our responsibility to protect the environment and preserve it for future generations. Small changes that we make can have a huge impact if done collectively and deter the effects of climate change. Education is also a key part. Here are a few ways that you can teach your child about climate change and to be more environmentally conscious.

This post is in collaboration with an independent school in London.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These three R’s are short and snappy, so easy to teach children. Reduce concerns consumption and limiting our carbon footprint. Reuse looks at ways that we can do what we can do to repurpose what we have ourselves and minimise waste. If that’s not an option and you’re left with waste that’s completely useless, you can always recycle. This is where materials are completely stripped and turned into something brand new.

Carbon Footprint

To actually teach children about reducing their carbon consumption, they will need to understand how to measure it. You can do this as a family by working out your energy usage etc with the kw/h information you have available and start making smarter choices. The modes of transport that you use and food you consume are a few others that you can consider.

Donate Your Old Wears

Children go through clothes and toys fast as they are constantly growing. Donating what you no longer need to the charity shop can relieve you of the clutter while helping a good cause. You will reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill whilst also teaching your child generosity and helping those that are less fortunate.

Grow Your Own

You can also grow your own fruit and veg. It teaches children about where their food comes from and there is a real sense of pride and fulfilment that comes from eating fresh produce that you’ve grown yourself. Moreover, you will be helping the environment by cutting down on single use plastic and food miles.

We hope that these ideas were helpful to you. For more posts like this, head over to my blog.

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