Helping Your Child Become More Independent

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A confident, happy and motivated child is also an independent child. They are going to gain a lot more skills through learning themselves and not needing to be guided by their parents, which is why it’s really important to look at skills that will help your child with their independence.

Here in this guide we explore how your child can develop skills to make them more independent and responsible.

Help your child manage tasks on their own

Give your child the responsibility to pick things up without you needing to hold their hand through each task. Oversee how they pick up skills in their own way, like how they handle picking up broken toys, if they make a mess on the table or if they fall over. From a young age they will look to you for answers, but if you slowly give them the tools to manage these issues, and similar ones, then they’ll know how to handle it for next time.

Give your child chores

The bane of many childrens’ existence, chores are a great way to get your child thinking independently. From cleaning up the dishes after dinner, to knowing how to properly work a washing machine, it all helps your child learn to be an adult as well. If you have to go out for a few hours it means your child can be reliably left on their own and can pick up any tasks you need doing.

Explore community involvement projects

Schools and colleges always provide social projects and extra-curricular activities for students to explore. They are designed to help children work on their personal development and can also help other people with their issues as well. Volunteering, helping the local community and lending your time to charity initiatives are great ways of boosting anyone’s independence and are great for children to explore.

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