Helping Your Child Develop their Critical Thinking Skills

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The ability to critique and consider other viewpoints is a valuable one and one that will help your child to engage in a deeper level of thinking. Aside from helping them at school, it can teach them to not take information at face value and be smarter in the way that they deal with situations in life. There are many learning activities that you can do with your child to help them build / expand on this skill as a private school in Kingston upon Thames shares. Here are some of their suggestions below.

Question Things

It’s important that we question things so that we can learn more about them. The more curious that your child is, the closer that they can get to the truth and make wiser decisions. This is something that you can help them with by regularly asking questions to bring out their inquisitive side.


It also involves weighing things up and comparing them against each other to make the best decisions possible. To help your child do this, you can look at the different situations that they find themselves in and encourage them to put a list of pros and cons together. This will make the right decisions more apparent and help them to do this process mentally.

Ask “What if”

To be able to make those decisions, children also need to look ahead and think about the future. Asking “what if” questions, like what would happen if you were to knock a domino over, can encourage them to picture this and do so naturally.

Fake News

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to question things and not take everything at face value because of things like fake news. They should think critically when online and consider whether what they are being told is true and accurate. There are tools which can be introduced to help with this like Snopes, the fact checking tool.

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