Helping Your Child Transition From Nursery to Big School.

Published by Sarah Hughes on

child education

Your child’s first day at big school is arriving. They are moving away from the comfort of their nursery which has taken care of them and their young needs.

This transition needs to be taken care of and handled well. It is a big change in your child’s life which means that it can be stressful for both you and them. The key is to prepare them and take small steps to help your child get ready for a very exciting change. With that in mind, here are some top tips from a pre-prep school in Hampshire on helping your child transition from nursery to big school.

Teach them how to be independent. When children go to big school, they will need to do a lot more for themselves than they used to. This requires learning how to be independent and developing skills that they will need to be able to cope with the challenges that they face will stop this could be getting dressed on their own to asking for help when they need it. Potty training is also something that every child that needs to be confident in as this is usually what is required by the end of Nursery.

Focus on the excitement of a new start. Change can be a very scary thing to both adults and children, so the thought of moving from nursery to big school can actually be quite intimidating to your little one. Talk to them about all the positives that they will gain from this new change and help them gain confidence about this new start. Emphasise how grown up they are becoming as children love that.

Attend an open day to see where your child will be learning. This is also a great way to meet their new teacher and get to know them. In this time, they will be able to answer any of your questions and give you a sense of confidence in your child’s new journey.

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