Helping Your Toddler Understand Personal Hygiene

Published by Sarah Hughes on

Personal hygiene is really critical for young children. When there are so many germs flying around in schools and nurseries it can feel like they are always unwell, which can drastically change if your child picks it up on a daily basis.


Here are some ways you can help your child’s hygiene as this prep in Worthing recommends.

Start young

If your child wants to have the best opportunities to try out hygiene, especially when they should be picking these up from a young age, then it’s best to get started right away. When you go to the loo together, make a point of bringing your child to the sink with you to wash hands together. When out and about, bring some hand sanitiser with you, or some cleaning wipes, for the inevitable dirty hands your child will get.

Keep tabs on your child’s progress

Children may very well avoid certain tasks if they aren’t supervised. It’s important to instil these skills early on to remind them that hygiene is incredibly important for them. When you see your child not washing their hands, or brushing their teeth, then call them out on it and build on what your child should be doing on a regular basis.

Sing songs together while you clean

Whether it’s bath time, or brushing teeth together, make it a lot more fun by singing songs together. If it’s a lot more focused and exciting for your child, it’s worth making a bit more of a fuss. Make your child feel rewarded by singing for the period they have to wash their hands for, around 20 seconds, or for when they brush their teeth, about 2 minutes. 


Once they’ve finished, give them a sticker or another kind of reward that will help your child remember what they can do to improve in the future, and retain the knowledge that keeping clean is incredibly beneficial.


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