Home Saunas: The Ultimate Luxury

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The benefits of saunas are well known and plentiful. Physically you can expect detoxification, increased metabolism, improved blood circulation, clearer airways, skin rejuvenation and increased immunity. In terms of your mental health, saunas are of course incredibly relaxing, but also can improve sleep function and lower stress levels. Gone are the days though where you had to head to the gym to use a sauna after your workout; today more and more homeowners are investing in home saunas… and it’s more affordable and accessible than you might think!


Which sauna should you choose?

There are lots of products on the market and the choice could be a bit bamboozling. That’s why it’s important to speak to an expert and be guided as to what’s the best sauna for your home, your family and your needs. Choosing an Insignia Home Sauna will ensure that you benefit from the expertise of a company who know all there is to know about saunas!

Insignia provide a large and luxurious range of traditional home and Far Infrared saunas. All come integrated with their award-winning gold standard features which includes mood enhancing lighting (chromatherapy LED lights), state of the art digital controls, all touch based and high-quality. So you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst relaxing in the warmth. Bliss.

Will it fit in my bathroom?

When you picture a traditional sauna they tend to be wooden and pretty big don’t they? But don’t think you need a mansion to be able to treat yourself to a home sauna. There is now an abundance of traditional and far infrared saunas which not only look stunning but come in various sizes. You can choose a single or a family-sized unit…depends if you want to share the sauna doesn’t it? I think I’d be using it as a place to escape completely alone! Again, buying from a trusted firm who specialise in the equipment means you’ll get just the right unit for the space you have available.

Do they look stylish?

In a word; yes! My personal favourite when it comes to looks is the more traditional ‘Tranquility’ range. But if your home is super modern you might want to explore the ‘Retreat’ range. For the ultimate in luxury relaxation, the ‘Signature’ range let’s you enjoy built-in showers, massage chairs and even an entertainment bar. What’s not to love there?

Is a sauna a worthwhile investment?

If you’re looking for a little oasis of calm within your home there’s no better investment. A home sauna is not only convenient, it brings a little bit of the spa into your house. Luckily once it’s installed by a reputable firm, your sauna will be fairly low maintenance to look after, allowing you just to sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits for your health and wellbeing.



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