How Do My Child’s Lifestyle Choices Affect their Education?

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As with a lot of our lifestyle choices, they have knock on effects elsewhere in our lives. A poor sleep routine for instance will affect your concentration and ability to retain information. This can affect children whilst at school as it limits their concentration and focus. There are other lifestyle factors that can have a hand in how well your child does at school like diet, exercise, screen time, friendships and more. We have teamed up with an independent school in Enfield to shed light to these and suggest ways in which you can ensure that your child is set up to do well.


A healthy and balanced diet is preached for its health benefits but there’s more to it than that. Food is needed for energy as we know and having the wrong foods can in fact bring on what is known as an energy “crash”. Foods that are high in sugar will make your child feel highly energised for a while before feeling extremely sluggish and tired afterwards.


We all need friends and a social life but the wrong ones can take our lives off course and act as a distraction. Negative influences can affect your child’s choices and the way that they behave at school. To help them steer clear of these kinds of influences, you can teach your child how to identify them and stay in the loop with regards to their social life.

Screen Time

Screen time is down time, we get it. We all like to surf social media but too much of it isn’t good, especially for children. As they are exposed to false and unattainable beauty standards, they can develop self-esteem issues and begin to struggle with their mental health. In fact, spending 7 hours a day behind a screen can more than double a child’s risk of developing depression.

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