How to be more involved in your child’s education

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One of the best things a parent can offer their child in life is support, consistency and involvement when it comes to their education. Some of the most successful children have parents that show concern and support to their child in these transitional years.

However, accomplishing this can be a bit difficult especially when your child responds with vague answers when asked about school. The only real way to help your child with their education is to understand what is going on at school. This can lead to parents feeling frustrated and completely out of the loop. Well not anymore. Here is some advice on how to be more involved in your child’s education.

Begin at home. To start becoming more involved, the first move is not to jump in the deep end. Parental involvement when it comes to education is more than just volunteering at your child’s school or helping out with parties. It starts by giving your child good structure and routine which aids and supports their studies. Establish a time to complete homework, read together and a bed time to ensure your child has consistency in their life.

Make learning something that appeals to your child. If learning is fun and not seen as a chore, it instantly becomes easier and more approached. When doing simple things such as putting toys away, give your child the challenge of counting how many blocks go into the box for a non-direct way of helping them improve on academic skills.

Be the best role model. Ensure your attitude to their learning is positive and caring. Ask teachers to keep you up to date on your child’s fallbacks and successes to have a clear idea of where your child stands when it comes to their education. Be enthusiastic as it is contagious and will surely bring positive results for your child.

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