How to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

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Creativity doesn’t just relate to arts and crafts. Children need creative thinking ability in order to think for themselves, come up with innovative ideas and problem solve. It’s fostered in early childhood as this is when their imagination develops. There are a number of activities that you can do to promote their creativity and not all of them involve mess. For example, you can explore modern art and museums to offer inspiration. Check out the tips below that were recommended to us by a nursery in Colchester.

Creativity involves thinking differently. Straying away from the conventional and being inventive, but how do you teach that? One way is to encourage an open mind. Sometimes the answer or solution that we’re looking for isn’t always apparent. We have to look at these problems from different perspectives. It’s something you can begin doing with your child by exploring different viewpoints and how we can all interpret situations differently. Riddles are prime examples of this and can help children to think “outside of the box”.

Overcoming Creative Blocks

Sometimes you need a break to be hit by a stroke of genius. It can help you to re-energise, come back refreshed and find inspiration elsewhere.

Unstructured Play

Play resources like Lego give children the freedom to create absolutely anything. They are in control and can recreate their ideas which offers good practice.


Another way to promote creativity is to give your child a journal and means to explore their ideas. We have dozens of creative thoughts throughout the day that are often forgotten about. A journal gives children the means to elaborate and potential to action them.


It’s just as important to respect your child’s ideas. It will help them feel more comfortable in sharing them with you and others. There’s no such thing as a silly idea and shooting down their ideas as opposed to sharing helpful points may affect their confidence.

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