How To Choose The Right Colour Metal For Your Jewellery

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Until you start shopping for jewellery, you might not have given much thought to the metal used to make it. However, there is a wide range of choices available, and you’ll need to consider a number of factors before making your final choice. 


Why is the colour of the metal in your jewellery so important? It’s partly to do with it looking good on you, partly to do with safety (you might be allergic to some components), and partly to do with personal taste. Putting these things together should help you choose, but to give you a head start, here are some things to think about. 

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Think About Your Skin Tone 

Many people with cool undertones appear great in silver jewellery, while those with warm undertones look stunning in gold. When worn by someone with a cold undertone, gold jewellery might make them look ill and ghostly pale, whereas silver jewellery can look too harsh on someone with a warm undertone.


If your skin is naturally pink, you should probably stay away from rose gold. While rose gold jewellery is stunning against warm skin tones, it may accentuate redness in those who are more prone to it.


Working out what kind of skin tone you have before starting to shop for name necklaces and other beautiful items will help you make the right choice. 


Think About Your Clothing 

The most likely foolproof tip is to wear jewellery that goes best with your outfit. When you match your jewellery to your clothes, you can also change it every day, meaning you can wear yellow gold one day and change to silver or rose gold or platinum (and so on) the next. A gold statement piece might look best with a warm-coloured jumper with darker, more earthy tones, for example. Use silver accessories to make a cool-toned outfit that looks like cool and sophisticated. 


In the end, the colour(s) of metal you wear should be completely up to your personal taste and sense of style, and if you match your choice to your clothing, that is likely to be the case. 


Why Not Mix The Metals? 

Of course, there are no real rules when it comes to choosing jewellery colours – the ideas above are guidelines and ideas to help you make an easier decision, but they’re not necessarily something you absolutely have to stick to. In most cases, the best advice you can have is to pick something because you like the look of it – if you’re instantly drawn to something, that’s a good sign because you know you’ll wear it and not waste your money. 


However, sometimes it just is too hard to make a choice. You love all the options. If that is the case, why not mix the metals? You can find plenty of jewellery that has aspects of gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, and so on included. In this way, you don’t have to make a decision, and you can have it all. You might even want to include some kind of gemstone into the equation, but that could be taking things a little far, as it’s yet another decision to make!

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