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Are you about to visit Mykonos soon? This is so exciting as the hype that surrounds this Greek island is pretty high. It does not come as a surprise as it is known as the choice of most celebrities, business people and generally all kinds of public figures. 

Why do so many influential and wealthy people choose Mykonos for their summer vacation? Besides the natural beauty of the island, the combination of the fun and carefree Greek culture with the high-end services offers such a memorable experience to everyone that they all keep coming back. 

We should clarify that Mykonos is the ideal destination for people who love partying and adventures. As such you should travel all around the island in order to get a wholesome and diverse taste of the island. What is the best way to get around the island?

  1. Car rental 

Having a car will make everything easier as you will be able to drive around and go wherever you want at whatever time you like. An ordinary habit such as driving can be turned into something unique by getting to rent a car that you have always wanted to drive but never got the chance. You should browse if you want to book a modern and fancy car. Mykonos is the ideal place to go around in an extravagant car as everyone is used to luxuries there. 

  1. Caiques and ferries 

Do you want to visit some remote beaches or wander around the Aegean Sea? Booking a caique ride will be one of the best experiences during your summer vacation. You can even dive in the water if you wish to. Besides visiting remote places in Mykonos, you can book a ferry ride and visit one of the neighboring islands. Mykonos belongs to Cyclades, a group of islands in southern Greece. 

  1. Public buses

One of the cheapest means of transport in all parts of the world is public buses. The fact that you get to learn about areas on the island that you might not have heard about and that you can reach popular spots without having to worry about following directions and getting accustomed to the driving habits of the island make exploring easier. You should not forget to do your research about timetables and routes so that you know where you need to get off the bus and when you should be at the bus shelter in order to get back. 

  1. Walking 

Once you reach a new town or village, it would be advisable to park your car or get off the caique or bus and explore the place on foot. This way you will be able to admire and focus all your attention on your surroundings. Not to mention the fact that you can visit any souvenir or any other kind of shop that captures your interest. 

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