How To Make Shoe Shopping For Kids Easy

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Shoe shopping for kids has long been my most hated pastime. It’s up there with taking them for haircuts and on long car journeys.

For as long as I can remember, school shoe shopping has entailed tantrums, tears (from both me and the kids) and a level of stress that makes me think ‘I’ll just home-school them. They can run around barefoot then can’t they? ‘Then of course I remember the lockdowns and how close I came to being taken away in a straitjacket… so I tell myself I’ll just have to take a deep breath and steel myself for a trip to the shoe shop.

You can imagine my sheer joy when I got the chance to collaborate with The Kids’ Shoe Den, who help you buy your childrens shoes online. Seriously; online. So no shoe shops required. Hallelujah! Why had it never occurred to me that shoe shopping for kids could be done online? I mean, why does it have to be any different than for adults? Well…because we don’t mind squeezing our feet into shoes that don’t fit properly if they look pretty and match our party outfit, but with our children, we’re honour bound to make sure their feet are accurately measured and their shoes fit properly, especially for first shoes and walkers.

The Kids’ Shoe Den have a solution which means you get a stress-free shoe haul. On their website they sell shoe gauges for as little as a tenner. Well worth it when you consider it might prevent you ever having to hit the shoe shops again as they can measure toddlers all the way to teenagers! Their website contains brilliant detailed videos on how to measure your children’s feet properly, and they even pop in a good old-fashioned paper how-to guide too. Weirdly, my kids seemed to almost enjoy having their feet measured by me. Maybe it was the novelty factor? They usually consider being measured in a shop a fate worth than death. There’s been a lot of drama over the years!

Now quite often I get sent stuff for my kids to review and they’re prone to being a bit, let’s say… underwhelmed. Not this time though! It seems The Kids’ Shoe Den sells footwear that children can actually get excited over. The eldest oooh’d and ahhh’d over his Blue Star boots, proclaiming that they were ‘smart but not too smart’ which is high praise indeed. They all adored their Go Banana’s flip-flops and even the fussy middle child said they were super comfy. The undoubted hit of the delivery though, had to be Ellis’s super cool Squelch wellies and welly socks… I’m not going to lie; I fancy some for myself. So, so cool! Shoes for boys can sometimes seem a bit boring compared to the girls shoes, but this store proves they don’t have to be; all the products are jam-packed with fun.

With a huge range of brands from the well known ones like Lelli-kelly and Clarks to newer brands like Shoesme and Superfit, there’s something for every taste. And since they stock everything from trainers to sandals to school shoes you really should be able to find the right footwear for any occasion. Add to this that any order over twenty-five pounds has free delivery and no-hassle returns for a whole year and it seems a no-brainer not to give this whole online shoe shopping a go! With new arrivals being added onto the site regularly, you’ll always have a choice of fresh styles to choose from.

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