How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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With a child’s learning journey often shaded by the fact they have to be in school for a large portion of their childhood, it can be draining on their motivation. There’s thankfully a lot to learn from going to school your child won’t know about just yet.

Therefore, it’s up to us to give our children a motivation to learn. This guide from a private boys school in London shows us how we can help our children feel good about learning.

Talk to your child’s teachers

A good way to see how your child is managing in class is asking the teachers directly and seeing what you can do at home to help with your child’s particular struggles. It may well be something else at risk when your child is struggling at skill and doesn’t want to pick up their books. See if there is something underlying that you haven’t yet spotted before diving into other ways of making your child feel motivated.

Find what your child enjoys about school

There are just some subjects that kids won’t appreciate as much as others. This is when you need to jump in and advise your child on what they can learn to enjoy based on what they already have fun with. Your child may hate maths with a passion, but they do love the many elements of science. That’s where you can lean on your child’s skills in science to make them learn to appreciate maths in a new way.

Reward your child when they do well

Making sure your child knows how much they can try will really help them become aware of what they are capable of. Give them treats for when they feel they can push themselves out of their comfort zone. You’d be surprised how much more your child will feel inclined to try something different if they know they’re going to get a reward out of it.

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