How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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All parents hope that their children turn out to be kind, caring and lovely people. A large part of this is the ability to empathise and understand others. It starts with the behaviours that they see around them as children look to their parents and guardians for guidance. Also, to develop this trait, you will need to help them in understanding the different emotions. If you would like tips on how to raise a compassionate child, take a look at the ones below from an education provider in Banstead.


Explore Children’s TV Shows

TV is a great way for children to gain exposure to different social situations. They can see how they unfold and the emotions that can arise as a result. This can also help them to become better judges of body language by learning the common tell-tale signs of emotions.


Mr Men Books

The MR Men and Little Miss books are also good for helping children to learn the different emotions. They are fun, short, and colourful picture books that they will enjoy spending their time flicking through.


Point Them Out

When they are around other children that happen to be sad, happy or that are expressive of any other sort of emotion, you can take it as an opportunity to point it out. It will help them to build familiarity and emotional intelligence.



The way that you treat yourself is just as important. It can help you to foster good self-esteem, confidence and help you to maintain good mental health. While it’s easy to curse at yourself for doing something silly, it’s something that you should think about and try to avoid. Also avoid picking at your flaws and talking down to yourself in any capacity as it can be learned by your child and picked up. Instead, express self-love and make time for yourself.


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