How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

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Children are shameless when it comes to their curiosity, asking relentless questions about how things work and why they are the way they are. This is a good thing, because it helps with their learning and overall development. With that said, your child’s inquisitive nature is something you should try and foster. Here are some tips on how, from a private school in London.

Encourage Deeper Thinking

Try and find ways to encourage your child to think about things on a deeper level. For instance, if they ask questions, ask them for their thoughts before giving your answer. Use phrases like “I wonder where this fruit was grown” or “I wonder why the sun goes down at night” to encourage your child to be curious. Stimulate them with open-ended questions. 

Visit the Library

When you’re struggling to find a way to keep your child entertained, why not take a trip to the library? This will encourage their inquisitiveness, because books are great for providing children with new information and boosting their imaginations. You could also take a trip to a local museum or gallery, as this will have the same outcome. 

Nurture their Own Interests

Your child will be more curious about things that actually interest them, so give them space to pursue their own passions. If you try and force them to pursue music because it’s something you did as a child, when they’d actually prefer to explore science or sport, you will stifle their curiosity.

Provide a Stimulating Environment

Try and expose your child to lots of interesting, stimulating toys and other items, as this will help to engage their inquisitive side. Let them explore and experiment and help them experience new things on a regular basis so that they feel inspired. If you stick to them same old routine in the same old environment, they will eventually run out of things to feel curious about.  

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