How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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The concept of optimism tends to come rather naturally from our little ones, especially as they’re going to be curious and inquisitive about all that’s around them. This lays the perfect foundations for you as a parent to build a world that helps your child nurture a happy and healthy mindset that will guide them through life.

In this guide from a private school in Wales we take a look at the ways you can help your child be in a world full of opportunities and positivity.

Explore a range of activities that make them feel happy

Happiness is only going to be found in your child if they’re given the tools to do so. Your child should feel like they’re aware of the activities that inherently make them smile every week. While it might seem a bit like a repetitive process at first, you soon get used to what your child prefers to spend their time doing. They also get to hone their strengths by picking up hobbies and activities that incite a positive reaction out of them.

Push them to take a risk, sometimes

To get your child used to something that, at first, is going to feel a bit alien to them, you should try and push them out of that comfort zone they’re in. Unless they feel vocally uncomfortable about your choices you should try and coax them into an activity or a process they haven’t tried before. You may find that your child learns to love something new, or they get the chance to try a different way of approaching something that they hadn’t thought of before.

Model positivity in front of your child

Children follow a lot of what we do, probably more than we even realise. It’s the chance for you to show your child how you handle tough decisions, pressure and other things that can dampen the mood. Being an effective decision maker makes us all more positive and keen to embrace new things.

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