Infertility Made Me Do It

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I went through it real tough, for four whole years. Heartbreaking infertility struggles.

It started fun, you know? Quick shag here and there. Then “Shall we…. Conveniently forget the protection?” … “Hell yeah?!”

Months went by and this fun became a little… Well, regimented.

“Why can’t you get it up?”
“Well… If you could be a little more… Sexy?”
“Sexy? We have 8 hours for your swimmers to get to the mothership or its another month down the drain”

As you can imagine, it took it’s toll. The relationship deteriorated, withered and dried up; like me really (sending many thanks to KY JELLY.)
He got a new girlfriend and quickly messaged to let me know that he and her were now having a child and that perhaps, PER-BLOODY-HAPS I was the problem, and maybe, just maybe, I should see a doctor.

Infertility eh? It’s not for the faint hearted. Years on, a few more boyfriends deep (hope my nan isn’t reading) after a HSG which, for us mere mortals is basically some dye shot round my tubes, I eventually did conceive. Lucky right? Immense. A feeling I NEVER thought I’d experience.

Imagine I’d not? I couldn’t..? The thought was heartbreaking.

And with that came this magical idea. I decided to help the people who weren’t able to have babies, the people that pregnancy just wasn’t happening for. I launched the IVF FUNDRAISER.

Predominantly on Facebook, I used my blogging platform to create a group. Before i knew it people were offering donations to raffle, we raised lots of lovely funds and I’m very pleased to say we have our very first couple who have just begun their IVF journey because of our fundraising. It’s very early days and to protect their privacy, the less I say the better but i think its fair to say, my original misery ended up starting something that very much turned joyous. We are now continuing to fundraise in order to help our second couple; a specialist Cancer nurse and her electrician husband. I hope that with our help they can put their infertility struggles behind them.

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