Is Your Weight Dictating Your Life & Getting You Down?

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Losing weight is a struggle many people face. However, for some people, it can get to the point whereby it takes over their life. It dictates their mood. It dictates what activities they do and do not enjoy. It can be incredibly upsetting and frustrating. Plus, it makes it even more difficult to lose weight, as you find it hard to get started and remain on track. A lot of people feel like they have too great of a mountain to climb, and it can be incredibly upsetting and difficult to deal with. If this sounds familiar, this blog post is for you. 

Is your weight ruining your life?

There are a number of different signs and indications that your weight is dictating your life and impacting everything you do. If you find that you do not do the activities you want to because of your weight, this is one sign. If you feel self-conscious whenever meeting friends or doing something fun, this is another sign. If you find that your weight consumes most of your daily thoughts, this is another sign that your weight has taken over your life. This can be a very difficult and dark place for anyone to be in. However, it is important to realize that you are not alone and there are options available. 

What can you do if your weight is ruining your life?

If you feel that your weight is ruining your life, it is time to take action. We are sure you are sick of people telling you to simply go on a diet. We know that it is not always that easy. 

Understand why losing weight is so difficult for you

The first place to start is by getting to the bottom of why you find it so difficult to lose weight, to begin with. What is holding you back and stopping you from achieving your goals? Is it a lack of motivation? Do you feel like you have too much of a mountain to climb? Do you despise exercise? There are many different reasons why people struggle to lose weight. Getting to the bottom of what is preventing you from achieving your goals is a great way of understanding what you should do next and how you can get your weight loss journey on track. 

Book an appointment with your GP

Another step that you can take is booking an appointment with your GP. You may find that there are different solutions available that you could access on the NHS. For example, some people are able to get the Saxenda pen on the NHS, which can help weight loss. It does need to be combined with a balanced lifestyle, i.e. exercise and a healthy diet. However, it can help to speed up your weight loss and give you a good boost. Of course, this is just one example of many of the different options that are available, which is why it is worth booking an appointment with your GP so that you can find out more about the different solutions and determine which one is going to be the right one for you. 

Hire a food coach to help you with your relationship with food

Last but not least, you may want to consider hiring a food coach. A food coach is someone who can help you to undo all of the bad habits that you have learned about food. They can provide you with the education you need in order to make the right decisions about food. They can also give you advice and different food and exercise plans to follow as well. This is a great way of holding yourself accountable while also tapping into the knowledge of an expert. 

Final words on what to do when weight loss is dictating your life and getting you down

All in all, a lot of people are in a position whereby they feel like their weight is dictating their life and really impacting their mood. If this applies to you, we hope that the tips and advice that we have provided above will help you on your weight loss journey. It is important to realise that you are not alone and that there are a lot of different avenues available to you. You may want to consider speaking with a professional nutritionist who can help you get to the bottom of where you are going wrong so that you can make the positive changes you need in your life.

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