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In this guide from a prep school in London we take a look at the benefits students will find when
Confidence can be naturally taught to our children throughout their lives, with other times you needing a little push to
The concept of optimism tends to come rather naturally from our little ones, especially as they’re going to be curious
With a child’s learning journey often shaded by the fact they have to be in school for a large portion
Gifts for galentine's day
A gap year can be an excellent way to transition from High School to University. It can provide a much-needed
Children are shameless when it comes to their curiosity, asking relentless questions about how things work and why they are
GCSEs are studied by students as part of the National Curriculum between the ages of 14-16, when they are in
Believe it or not, the great outdoors has a lot to offer to children in terms of their learning and
Encouraging your child to pursue an extra-curricular activity is never a bad idea, because it will help them develop a
Shoe shopping for kids has long been my most hated pastime. It's up there with taking them for haircuts and