Life Insurance for Single Parents

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Life Insurance was not something I’d paid a whole lot of time and attention to until recently, I have to admit. It went on the list of ‘things I think my husband probably sorts out.

However in May 2022, my (now ex) husband and I split up. Suddenly the admin jobs which had been divvied up between us were now all mine. Life insurance was not top of my list… although admittedly it should have been.

Having cheap term life insurance which is affordable on a monthly basis really gives peace of mind. Especially when all of a sudden you feel a greater responsibility for your children after becoming a single parent. I spent months really stressing about what would happen to them if anything happened to me, yet it took until my own Mother collared me for me to actually get around to buying my own cheap term life insurance policy.

Affordable life insurance is a necessity not a luxury. On top of this, having it has given me a sense of calm, knowing that my children will be well looked-after. I think what had stopped me doing it earlier was that I had envisaged life insurance sales people as being like they were 30 years ago, or how they’re often represented in films; pushy and salesy.

I came across a firm called Fabric who offer a bespoke and fully digital service, meaning no sitting in  a stuffy office with a man in a suit! They’ve been in operation for 130 years, which really gave me a sense of trust in them. Plus the fact they can give an automatic decision after I applied was really appealing. I also liked the fact that I can cancel at any time. I’m always worried about any contract which ties me in until the end of time… perhaps that’s why marriage wasn’t for me :)!

My three boys have been through so much in the past year with a separation and now a divorce and a house move looming. Taking on a life insurance policy felt like one way I could add some security and stability back into their lives. The benefits of having a cheap term life insurance policy as a single parent are numerous. They include:

  • Ensuring children are left debt free
  • Allowing peace of mind for all family members
  • Often payouts can be made in installments, covering all major milestones

If you want to be able to sleep easier, knowing your children are covered for all eventualities, it really is worthwhile looking at a cheap term life insurance policy… do it today, don’t delay!

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